At WigWag Dog Company, we encourage dogs to be dogs. Whether hiking mountainous trails, swimming on a hot summer day, pointing upland game birds, or retrieving waterfowl, man’s best friend is happiest diving headfirst into the adventure. Collars and accessories are just along for the ride, so we made ours with unrivaled, all-weather quality that stands the test of time.

Our durable, odorproof collars were inspired by one loyal and fun-loving pup. Allie, an 11-year-old Labrador Retriever, grew up swimming the Alabama shoreline and now hikes the Tennessee trails, loving every bit of nature along the way. Traditional collars just couldn’t keep up, so we combined state of the art material and sound U.S. molding techniques for a smarter, simpler design that could. Our small business pays close attention to every step of the manufacturing process, because better products mean better lifestyles.